Saturday, December 11, 2010

That One Was Memorable

It seems like about 97 runs out of a hundred are more or less just another run.  Don't get me wrong, it's all a good time...but how many training runs really stand out above the rest as unique?  

Today was a little different though.  Today was memorable.  This winter it seems like it snows all the time in Minneapolis...but this is a whole other level.  So far I think we're at like 13 inches and counting, and the winds are howling...quite the winter wonderland to say the least.  

Six of us were crazy enough for the epic adventure this morning.  It actually started out not too bad, but kept snowing harder and getting windier as we went.  I think this one can be summed up with a list of firsts:
  • First time trudging through 8 inches of snow on the Greenway.
  • First time making a snow angel on a run...I'm more of a snow man guy but it was too fluffy.
  • First time running down Hiawatha Avenue...not sure if that was legal.
  • Possibly the first time ever six guys ran down the middle of Lake Street for 4 miles...we only got honked at a couple times.
  • First time anyone in our group helped a car get unstuck on a run...good work Dylan!
  • First time trying to do any sort of pick-up in a blizzard.  Yeah that one failed miserably.
  • First time I ran the vast majority of the last two miles of a run with my eyes closed.
  • First time I ever got my car stuck.  I was just three blocks from my house and some real nice people who were helping someone else get unstuck gave me a little push.
All in all ended up with 22 miles and some good memories.  Now I am snowed in at my house...time to start shoveling, then maybe another movie and some pancakes!


  1. Nuts is right!! But I am glad you got in the important task of making a snow angel :)

    enjoying getting caught up on your posts - good stuff.

    We hung out with Adam Casseday today after Hellgate - he was down there crewing - great guy.

  2. Helen...congrats on the race! Looking forward to hearing more. By the way, running a really hard 100K that starts at midnight sounds a lot crazier than 22 miles in some snow.

    Glad you ran into Adam...must've been a fun weekend!