Saturday, November 20, 2010

Marathon Training, Ping Pong, and Turkeys

So I signed up for a marathon last week!  I actually started training for it a few weeks ago, so figured it was high time I actually pick which race.  I’m going to New Orleans for the Mardi Gras Marathon on February 13!  So when I decided to do another road marathon, I quickly realized that I don’t have a clue how…so I have called upon Coach Lundo to teach me a thing or two!  I’ve never had a coach before, and it’s already been to have a new schedule and learn some new workouts.

Training has been going pretty good the last few weeks.  I think the highlights may have been bushwhacking through the river bottoms and trudging through a snow much fun.  The marathon training has also been coming along well.  The latest key workout was this morning – 20 miler with 6 at marathon pace down the Greenway.  I fully attribute the success of this workout to proper hydration and fueling, in particular a brand new line of Gatorade drink that just came out today!  It’s called Gatorade Slush™ and I think it’s only available in Minnesota.  I highly recommend it to all.

In my latest attempt to incorporate some cross-training in the schedule, I am exploring a new sport.  Just a couple days ago, I purchased a ping pong table from the nicest people off Craigslist!  So I used to think running was a simple sport…but now ping pong, there’s a real simple sport.  All you have to do is hit the ball back to the other side – that’s it…so simple.  No Gu, S Caps, or special shoes to worry about…you can’t get lost or trip and fall down.  I’m a little worried about all the side-to-side movement, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Even look at Forest Gump.  He was really good at both ping pong and running.   I mean, I guess he was really good at a bunch of other things too, but was unmatched in ping pong and running.  Can’t believe that’s based off a true story.

Further evidence that many of the best ultra runners have very impressive beards.
In other exciting news, it’s two weeks until the Western States 100 Lottery!  For some reason I have a good feeling this year.

And tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  Well, it’s not actually Thanksgiving, but my roommate Ben and I are hosting the 2nd Annual Sunday-before-Thanksgiving Party!  Now we just have to figure out how to cook two turkeys and a bunch of other food for 30+ people in my little house in Northeast.  It will be a memorable day.

This turkey looks nervous.
Happy Turkey Day!