Friday, December 31, 2010

Cheers to 2010

It seems like everyone's been thinking about 2011 plans as of late (myself included).  But before we get the cart before the horse here, I think we must pay all due respect to 2010 before tomorrow when it will be long gone and forgotten about.

It seems like it all went by fast, but thinking back to all the great stories along the way, it’s hard to believe it was all crammed into one year. There are many more, but here are 10 of the greatest memories from races and training runs that stand out:
  • Psycho Wyco TCRV Road Trip – Seven of us made the first trip in the TCRC RV to trudge through 31 miles of mud in Kansas. Here I may have become the slowest guy ever to win money at a race I didn't even win - $75 for a 50K in 4:58…yeah I know it doesn’t make any sense. 
Yeah that's a good looking RV...definitely turned some heads.
  • 'Groundhog Day' Run – This was actually in April…had to be there. It was a rainy 24 miles of the lakes, river roads, trails, greenway, etc., complete with the Seaton stair climb and Nick ending up in Cedar Lake. 
  • MDRA 7 Mile – This one started with 7 miles and a photo shoot for Joe before the race, then the 7 mile race during which I only got lost once, and a 7 mile cool-down. Great spring race! 
  • Olathe Marathon – This trip already has a couple top 10 lists of its own…several months of trash-talking, Erik eating about 4 pounds of pasta before the race, Nick’s practical jokes, Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ, a great race, and a big group of Minnesotans taking most of the top spots! 
  • Afton 40 Miler – Great training run with Tony, Jeff, and Chris…until Tony and I were stopped dead in our tracks at about mile 37 by a HUGE snake. Luckily we made it out alive. 
  • Kettle Trip – Positive part is I ran a great 50K! Downside is the race was a 100K and by about mile 47 I was a complete disaster and falling asleep on a chair at an aid station…and don’t really remember much of the last 15 miles.  All in all, many lessons learned a great road trip with Paul.
  • Western States Trip – Incredible five days in CA with Tony, Laurie and Chris (and Dylan on race day) to crew/pace for Tony. Luckily, we weren't replaced as pacers after Lundo and I spent the two days before the race in a constant state of getting lost.  I’ll never forget all of us running through Auburn with Tony for the last mile and a half…so great to see someone train like crazy for a race , and then have it all come together when it counts. 
  • Superior Sawtooth – Will always have a soft spot for the Superior Trail Races.  It was a great experience and I will always be thankful for Joe, Arley, and Dylan for getting me through it all. 
  • Fall Trail Series: Friday Night Edition – For probably 99% of people, this doesn't sound like fun. But for about a dozen or so runners, 15 miles of night trail running followed by good food and beer is about as close to a real party as some of us get. 
  • Snowpocalypse Run – 22 miles through the middle of the snowstorm that brought down the dome…epic MN winter run.
And I’m sort of addicted to keeping track of numbers…this is the wrap for the year:
  • 4,597 miles 
  • 634 hours, 41 minutes 
  • 449 runs
  • 9 races 
  • 373 miles of racing 
  • 9 days off (all between Sep 12 and Oct 7) 
  • 11 pairs of shoes 
  • About 67 loops of Hyland 
I wonder how many fewer miles I will have to run next year to just maybe have a shot at getting a girlfriend...


  1. holy shit that's a lot of running, you can always pick up ladies at the aid stations, I ran about a the quarter of the miles you did and i'm still single...

  2. also looking at your results, how did you get from almost a 4hr marathon time in 2006 to becoming superhuman in 2010

  3. You almost had 3 times the miles I did in the year... and the extra time off didn't help me with dating. Best of luck in 2011; I just might have one last race in me, so I may be at your back sometime.

  4. Haha...yeah maybe she is out there waiting for me on a trail someplace.

    Looking forward to seeing you out there on the trails Steve...I have a feeling that this is your year to not get injured!

  5. Brian,
    Congrats on 2010! I am glad I had a chance to meet you and spend a few miles on the trail with you. Keep up the fast work and it will be fun to watch you continue to get faster.

    On the girl front, I would say try a sport you have hated all your life, have no experience in and show up late with the wrong shoes on. Someone will think its cute how pitiful you look. Can't promise it will work for you, but it has been known to work for others....

  6. Chris! Thanks man...same to you. I still can't believe Afton was your first trail run. We will need to plan another trip to the SHT this summer.

    That is very good advice with the ladies...and you have proven yourself to be a smart man. Maybe swimming is the ticket for me...I'm pretty horrible at that, although I guess I am pretty good at the dog paddle. I'll keep ya posted.