Sunday, July 8, 2012

Western States 100

Just a couple weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to experience the Western States 100.  It was such a great life experience, and one of those days that even when it was hard, I knew I was lucky to be there and lucky to be able to run.  

I will leave you all with a few video highlights and some of the many memories made on the trail...

Thanks to my crew - Tony and Brian - for somehow keeping me moving out there, and to Kurt and TC Running Company for all the support.

And congrats to all who toed the line and ran 100 miles that day -- especially fellow Minnesotans Ethan Richards and Dale Humphrey at Western States, and to my friends John, Dylan, Paul, and many others out in the Black Hills on the same day.

Enjoy the trails!


  1. Great work with the run and the video. I love Tony's quote getting into the car 'This is not pleasant'.

    What a well put together race you had!

  2. Brian,
    Awesome run - so impressive! Thanks for sharing the video - makes me want to go run!! Good work,

  3. So great Brian, so so great!!! I am real proud of you buddy. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.