Monday, May 9, 2011

Grand Canyon Post #1 - A short video

The adventure to the Grand Canyon this past weekend was indescribable!  I have yet to find time to gather my thoughts and stories into words, but I did throw together a short video for starters with the little footage I had.  

I had full intentions of making this a sweet video and taking time to get some great shots. But then reality set in and I found myself not caring anymore once the going got tough.  Sorry it's a little choppy..enjoy!

I'll be back with the written version in a few the meantime, check out Chad's blog for his perspective and some great pictures.


  1. Super cool man, thanks for sharing!!

  2. Lovely!! Brought back memories of a backpack trip in 1987 down the Bright Angel and over to the Hermit Trail over the winter holiday break.

    Snow on the North Rim!?

  3. Yeah it was great.

    Yeah it was crazy seeing snow on the same run that the temps hit 105 degrees! I have a feeling it won't last long was fairly warm up there as well.